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This 'Hydrangea' linocut print is a unique and original piece of art, not a mass-produced digital reproduction. As one of only 15 prints in the edition, each one is titled and hand-signed by myself, adding a personal touch to the work. Using the time-honored technique of linocut, the delicate design of the hydrangea flower has been carefully carved into lino and then hand-printed onto high-quality paper using printmaking ink. The lino reduction print process involves layering four different colours to create a stunning, multi-dimensional effect, making each print a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Displaying the 'Hydrangea' linocut print in your home or office is a beautiful way to  bring the timeless beauty of the hydrangea flower into your everyday surroundings.


The size of the image is 30 x 30 cms, size of paper is 37 x 37 cms.


Please note the frame and mount shown in photo is not supplied. 


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